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So I’ve been thinking

Since i’m going to be taking 2/3 of the summer off of school and work, I figured why not get one of the piercings I want, but couldn’t have due to work regulations?

so I’ve been debating a septum piercing (most people I tell say that I wouldn’t look good with this one but I think they’re badass and easily hide-able), a nape piercing, hip piercings (look AWESOME in bikini’s), a nostril piercing, or clavicle piercings. 

the septum piercing is easily hide-able so I wouldn’t necessarily have to take it out when i got a new job or went into clinicals. 

I think nape piercings are cute (can be) and they’re hide-able to an extent…i have long hair and I put it up in a pony tail quite often to there’s that. Also I want to know more about installing them and having them removed. 

I think hip piercings can be SUPER cute especially in the summer when i’m in short shorts and tank tops all the time, but I have a fear of getting them ripped out by my jeans, and like the nape piercing, how are thy installed and removed? I don’t want a gnarly scar on my hips forever, I like my hips. 

nostril piercing because cliche, but i also don’t want a facial scar or a hole there for the rest of forever..

and the same goes for clavicle piercings (install/removal)

so if ANY of my lovely followers or someone random from the internet has some advice, experience, or anything to say about my ideas, please don’t hesitate to say anything! 

" Long handwritten note deep in your pocket. Words, how little they mean when you’re a little too late" - Taylor Swift

Moving makes you open things and find things you’ve stored away for yourself. Handwritten letters from australia, all written by my ex, all proclaiming love and faithfulness. All filled with lies and deception. Funny how now I’m not even sad that they’re from him, or that we could’ve made it work, or anything like that. These are just a reminder to me that I deserved better and that I have moved on and will find someone true and right for me. Time, patience, and remembering what I deserve is all it takes.

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